Yeh Hai Chahatein: 8th April 2023 Written updates

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2023 Written Updates: Samrat sees Nayan eating breakfast with his family and decides to write her a poem first before calling her to meet up and tell her how much he loves her. He sends her a poem. Nayan rushes out happy after exclaiming with excitement that her secret admirer replied and agreed to meet her at a hotel. If Samrat invited Nayan to meet him, Aaliya queries. Samrat replies “no.” Aaliya queries who Nayan met at that time.

Currently, Samrat claims he doesn’t. If Samrat sent poetry to Nayan as her covert admirer, Mohit and Ishani want to know what they are talking about. Samrat concurs and claims he forwarded Akhtar’s poetry to Nayan after copying them. According to Mohit, Nayan emailed Akthar using his book’s email address, and he consented. Ishani queries what would happen if Akhtar falls in love with Nayan’s poetry. Samrat exclaims in fear that it is impossible. He is tasked with going to prevent Nayan from meeting Akhtar by Aaliya. Samrat dashes inside Nayan’s bedroom.

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Mansi asks an elderly man/her father where he is now after leaving London while fabricating a story about how Samrat betrayed her and Nayantar exacted revenge on her by sending her to prison. After her mother/his wife passed away, the father claims he left London and avoided social media and the news by being busy at work. If she chooses, she may send her back to London, he explains. Mansi claims she would do a few duties before leaving for London because she feels she needs to exact revenge on Samrat and Nayan.

Samrat approaches Nayan and inquires as to her whereabouts. While choosing a dress for herself, Nayan accidentally smacks his face. Sam groans in agony. In order to meet Akhtar and determine whether or not he is her hidden admirer, Nayan apologizes and requests that he choose a sari for her. Samrat advises her not to rely on strangers. As she wields pepper spray, Nayan requests that no one be alarmed. He doesn’t wear any saris. He is reprimanded by Nayan, who then chooses Sari. Sam feels unable to permit her to meet Akhtar. Nayan prepares and departs. Sam claims that Akhtar will easily fall for her because she appears to be so attractive when she is hiding from his crew. They all give jokergiri as they follow Nayan.

Nayan got to the motel. Samrat reaches out with his troops while still in fear. He is calmed down by the team.

As Naayn waits for Aktar, she considers how she will recognize him. Sam and his colleagues observe her while using a menu card to cover their faces. Nayan becomes weary of waiting. She is waiting for him, says the elderly guy who introduces himself as Akhtar. When Nayan recognizes her father as Akhtar, she questions whether he is still alive because they had assumed he had passed away after not returning for ten years. The sight of Ishani’s father also surprises her. She is asked to take a seat by Mohit and others so that Nayan won’t see them. Ishani moves in Akhtar’s direction. Nayan queries why he adopted the name Akhtar. Father claims that she will be meeting him under a pen name. Ishani refers to him as appa.

Nayan and Ishani question their father where he has been up to this point. Sam questions how he might be Nayan’s father.