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What Is the Marvel Comics Storyline?

Marvel’s acquired a variety of upcoming tasks for followers to look as much as in the coming years, however there’s arguably none as anticipated as the upcoming Disney+ sequence Secret Invasion.

Based on the standard comedian storyline of the similar identify, the sequence will dive right into a world of mistruths and conspiracy as the huge Skrull conspiracy is unveiled. The comedian storyline was an eight-part restricted sequence however had ramifications on different comics and characters in the bigger MCU.

In the comics, The Illuminati comprising Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Professor X, Black Bolt and Doctor Strange assault the Skrull Empire and confront them about their previous try at invading Earth and warn that any future makes an attempt at invading Earth would come at a heavy value. However, the Skrull Princess Veranke decides to forgo their warning and determine to infiltrate Earth by posing as a number of high-level rating gamers, with Veranke herself pretending to be Spider-Woman (with the precise Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman held captive). Thus started a sport of chess, with the Skrulls shape-shifting as anybody they needed to be and the Avengers having to take care of the concept that anybody they trusted may secretly be a Skrull hell-bent on Earth’s invasion. Surprises included Illuminati member Black Bolt being a Skrull who had by no means escaped the Skrull Empire with the remainder of the Illuminati, Elektra Natchios revealed as a Skrull after her dying.


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The allure of the Secret Invasion storyline was that it performed out like a whodunit, with readers and the heroes themselves being uncertain about who they might belief. This finally got here to a head in a large combat between the heroes led by Nick Fury at The Raft a supermax jail for supervillains that had been all launched by Skrulls. With SHIELD having been infiltrated so efficiently, the group was shuttered by the POTUS. Since SHIELD has already had a diminished presence in the MCU content material as of late, that is one thing that we may see occur in the streaming present.

The Disney+ sequence is more likely to fluctuate enormously from the comics each when it comes to the storyline and scope. For starters, characters like Spider-Woman have but to be launched to the MCU (though there’s a Sony Olivia Wilde film on the horizon) and the chance of the character being launched in the sequence appears slim. There’s additionally nothing to point that the sequence will probably be a star-studded affair with acquainted Marvel heroes making cameos or being a part of the Skrull motion. As of proper now Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), War Machine (Don Cheadle) and Everett Okay. Ross (Martin Freeman) are all coming again however except for War Machine, none of those are superheroes and even War Machine has performed second fiddle to Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) in most of his MCU outings.

Captain Marvel additionally did away with the comedian notion of all Skrulls being evil, with Talos being a great man and the Kree being the malevolent oppressors in the movie. Furthermore, Spider-man: Far From Home revealed that Talos had been appearing as Nick Fury on Earth below Fury’s orders so it’s unlikely that he’ll swap to the darkish aspect in the sequence. From the little that we all know of the sequence, it appears that evidently the present will lean closely in the spy style with Fury rooting out double agent Skrulls which can be posing as people. The present would thus basically comply with Agents of SHIELD’s Hydra infiltration storyline greater than the comedian’s superhero bonanza that was Secret Invasion.

Dupes of Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Jarvis, Hank Pym had been all in play throughout the chaos and whereas the Disney+ sequence doesn’t appear more likely to be very grand in the scheme of issues, it may open the door for an Avengers-level film someplace down the line. That mentioned, with Kang so firmly on board and the Multiverse saga culminating in Avengers: Kang Dynasty and the Avengers: Secret Wars, the place the MCU may actively discover the standard Secret Invasion storyline exterior the sequence stays a thriller.

There are loads of new casting additions in the sequence to excite followers and maintain them ready for the Disney+ sequence. Kingsley Ben-Adir, Carmen Ejogo, Killian Scott, Christopher McDonald, and Dermott Mulroney are all getting into the MCU with undisclosed roles. Although Ben-Adir is alleged to be the lead villain, there’s not a lot else we find out about the mysterious MCU present. Two of the most enjoyable casting bulletins although have been Mother of Dragons’ Emillia Clark making her MCU debut on this present, in addition to Academy Award winner Olivia Coleman who will probably be taking part in Fury’s outdated ally. Her function ought to pair properly with Fury’s particularly since set photographs and Samuel L. Jackson’s personal feedback point out that the present will probably be diving into the standard character’s previous. Similarly, the sequence may even lastly put some highlight on Maria Hill, a personality that has been current since the first Avengers film however not been centered on to this point.

In her 2022 Comic Con look Cobie Smulders who performs her said to Buzzfeed: “You get to see the dynamic, you get to see the working relationship of Fury and Hill, like, what is that? What do they do when waiting for a clue to come in, you know? What is the safe house like? What’s the water cooler talk like? So it’s an opportunity to showcase that. And I think for her especially, she’s just been holding down the fort since [Fury] has been gone, and a lot of stuff’s been coming to a head.”

The sequence lastly exploring the Fury-Hill duo is a good thought, contemplating how they’ve been mainstays in the MCU from the begin. However, there’s little indication of the place the sequence will depart the MCU and if the present will probably be a self-contained six-part miniseries lastly placing the Skrull storyline to relaxation, or set the stage for additional exploration in future seasons or upcoming movies.