Pakistani journalist says “attacked” during the Taliban movement detention


This was reported by Pakistani journalist Anas Mallik. on On Saturday that he was subjected to “physical abuse” during his 21-hour detention the Taliban in Kabul.

Journalist on twitter additionally revealed that his producer and driver had been launched by the Taliban authorities after being detained for 42 hours.

Mallik and his group are lacking in Kabul on Thursday afternoon, however the journalist himself returned safely on Friday after being detained by the Taliban.

According to his tweet of August 3 they had been in Afghan capital to cowl first Anniversary of the fall of Kabul.

BUT social media put up by means of information Mallik group works for normal pictures of bruises on physique of members of his crew.

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In a video report, Mallik acknowledged that he and his group “were intercepted, taken out of in car – dragged out of in car To be precise, our phones were taken away from us, and then we were attacked.”

He claimed that his crew additionally was attacked.

“After a while we were transferred from place where we were intercepted what are we know was GDI, or Great Directory of Intelligence, GDI Division of Afghan Taliban,” he mentioned, including that they had been fastidiously questioned about their work in addition to private issues.

Mallik was “dropped off” in Afghan personnel at 10:10 on Friday. However, his press ID, accreditation and authorization letter weren’t returned to him.

Taliban additionally held the Mallik group again.

Work as Pakistan bureau essential of Vion News in Islamabad, Anas Mallik covers international affairs, Pak-Afghan affairs, navy and battle.

A day earlier, the Foreign Office (FO) confirmed that Mallik who lacking in Kabul returned safely to metropolis.

“So glad Anas Mallik is safe back in Kabul. Alhamdolillah,” FO mentioned. in tweet in reply to your earlier put up about his disappearance

information of his return was additionally Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan Mansour Khan confirmed.

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