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Is Biden’s Approach to Latin America a Problem?

Chris, Melanie, and Zack take a take a look at the Summit of the Americas, which was held in Los Angeles in the beginning of June. By all accounts, the summit was poorly organized, and attending leaders have been unimpressed with the dearth of session earlier than the occasion and with the initiatives set forth by the United States throughout the convention. The heads-of-state of a number of nations, together with Mexico and Guatemala, refused to attend in solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, which weren’t invited as a result of the U.S. authorities considers them to be led by autocratic regimes. Does the planning and execution of the summit inform us something in regards to the Biden administration’s overseas coverage extra broadly? What ought to our insurance policies in direction of Central and South American nations be? What is the connection between the administration’s home and overseas insurance policies? Are President Joe Biden and his staff unwilling to make arduous decisions in overseas coverage as a result of the selections shall be unpopular with essential home constituencies?

Chris is appalled by the Texas GOP’s new platform, Zack is grateful that the COVID-19 vaccine for babies has lastly been authorised, and Melanie needs Democrats would cease boosting “Stop the Steal” candidates throughout the nation.

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Image: Brazilian authorities