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Independent Russian News Site Meduza Seeks Funds During Ukraine Invasion

Russia lately blocked entry to Meduza’s web site as Putin signed a regulation threatening journalists with as much as 15 years in jail for utilizing phrases akin to “war” and “invasion” to explain Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. The former Soviet energy has additionally blocked Facebook and Twitter, making it much more tough for Russians to entry non-state-sponsored details about the struggle.

But regardless of the Kremlin’s makes an attempt to censor Meduza, the information website’s cellular app remains to be presently accessible in Russia.

“Russians need to have information about what their government is doing and at the moment, they can’t do that if not for independent newsrooms such as Meduza,” mentioned Leon Fryszer, writer of the crowdfunded German information outlet Krautreporter, which helps Meduza with its marketing campaign.

For Fryszer, supporting the Latvia-based newsroom feels just like the least he can do to make sure the Russian individuals, a lot of whom are against Putin’s invasion and have publicly protested the struggle at nice danger to themselves, acquire dependable info.

“I also care in terms of making sure there’s a path forward for Russia and that there’s a chance that one day democracy will see the light of day again,” he mentioned. “That’s quite significant for us as Europeans.”

“I believe there must be a counterforce to what the Kremlin is doing now, and Meduza has likelihood at being that,” Fryszer added.

HuffPost reporter Ryan Grenoble contributed reporting.