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Don’t Starve Together Patch Notes 2.52 Update Today on August 06, 2022 – Game Updates

A brand new Game Update has been launched for Don’t Starve Together Update 2.52. Find out all the most recent info of the Gaming World like Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes beneath. Don’t Starve Together Update 2.52 is now out there for obtain, for all platforms, together with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file measurement might fluctuate relying on the platform.

One For the Books

Like any good librarian, Ms. Wickerbottom believes within the preservation and distribution of information. Well… most data, that’s. There are some issues that have to be saved hidden away from the eyes of the general public. Who is aware of what might occur if sure secrets and techniques fell into the flawed arms?

Nintendo Switch might be getting this refresh in an upcoming replace as we work towards unifying sport variations on console.


  • Wickerbottom has been refreshed. Key modifications:
    • Wickerbottom can now not be pressured to go to sleep.
    • Wickerbottom can now craft the next new books:
      • The Angler’s Survival Guide
      • Pyrokinetics Explained
      • Overcoming Arachnophobia
      • Tempering Temperatures
      • Lux Aeterna
      • Practical Rain Rituals
      • Lunar Grimoire
      • Apicultural Notes
      • Horticulture, Expanded
      • The Everything Encyclopedia
      • Lux Aeterna Redux
    • Wickerbottom may construct a cupboard to assist preserve her books.
    • Tuned Wickerbottom’s stats in relation to consuming stale and spoiled meals and her well being.
  • Maxwell now suffers 2.5 instances the sanity prices as Wickerbottom when studying Wickerbottom’s books.
  • Wortox will be capable to Soul Hop to previous explored areas by the Map.
    • The price of souls is proportional to the gap travelled.
    • There are visible indicators to point out price will increase.
  • Wortox will now be capable to Soul Hop a second time totally free if accomplished inside a short while of the final.
  • Wortox will get barely extra starvation from consuming souls.
  • Wortox will achieve a small quantity of sanity for being healed by a soul.
  • Wortox Souls now solely heal damage gamers and have extra diminishing returns when therapeutic teams of damage gamers.
  • The Wortox who offers the killing strike is assured at the very least one soul.
    • This is meant to assist forestall combating for close by souls when souls are being created however prevents boss soul drops from being totally claimed.
  • Winona will now not really feel starvation drains when standing nonetheless after crafting one thing.
    • This is meant to cease punishing gamers who spend time navigating by the crafting menu.
  • Walter will now not be knocked off of Woby if the harm taken is mild.
    • Too many mild hits acquired in a brief time period will knock Walter off of Woby.
  • Walter will now not draw the eye of close by monsters when attacking with Poop Pellets.
  • Bee Guards will now encompass their present Queen to guard as an alternative of staying off to the aspect.
  • When close to an Ocean Trawler whereas holding an Oar, the default motion might be to lift or decrease the Trawler.
    • However, if the participant is just too distant or unable to succeed in the Ocean Trawler, the Oar’s row motion will take priority.
  • Klaus will now step over the Loot Stash.
  • Cave Holes now have a greater collision mesh to help gamers teleporting into the area with out inflicting digital camera points.
    • They will actively attempt to take away gamers on high of them.
  • The Lazy Explorer now does Walking Cane harm.


  • Fixed a problem the place gamers might get into the primary menu earlier than their stock completed updating. This might trigger issues with the Gift popup, Recent Discoveries, and Item Collection.
  • Fixed the clock not updating accurately in Splitscreen mode when gamers journey between the forest and the caves.
  • Fixed the clock not being faraway from the display screen when disconnecting from a server in Splitscreen mode.
  • Fixed a problem the place Boat Rudder controls would generally get caught with out with the ability to management it.
  • Fixed incorrect demise bulletins when a participant died as Wonkey.
  • Fixed Second Chance Watch reviving on the flawed place when a participant died as Wonkey.
  • Fixed the Map getting caught being seen when altering to and from Wonkey.
  • Fixed display screen and HUD flicker generally throughout Wonkey transformations.
  • Fixed bug the place Wonkey transformation might get caught whereas mounted.
  • Fixed Wortox Soul Heal mistakenly attempting to heal Wanda gamers.
  • Fixed Wortox with the ability to maintain greater than 20 souls if the souls had been going instantly into the energetic merchandise slot.
  • Fixed a bug permitting creatures to maneuver off of boats if they’re unloaded in a selected order.
  • Fixed a problem the place Boat Rudder controls would generally get caught with out with the ability to management it.
  • Fixed a crash associated to the Monkey Queen taking tokens from an invalid participant.
  • Fixed a crash associated to the Boat Magnet Beacon and the Strident Trident.
  • Fixed a crash associated to the Pirate Stash and Accursed Trinkets.
  • Fixed a crash associated to Webber and Spitter Spiders.
  • Fixed a crash associated to crafting.
  • Fixed a problem the place Fish escaping from a full Ocean Trawler would spawn at (0,0,0).
  • Fixed a problem with Killer Bee Hives and different spawning prefabs attempting to focus on invincible gamers.
  • Fixed Boat Cannons, Directional Signs, and Winona’s Catapult generally not loading with the proper orientation when positioned on rotated Boats.
  • Fixed sounds not taking part in when putting Boat Bumpers.
  • Fixed objects picked up into the energetic merchandise slot visually showing from random spots on the display screen and never taking part in sounds.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that occurred when teleporting off a ship.
  • Fixed participant disappearing momentarily after utilizing Gnarwail Horn.
  • Fixed fence orientation on rotated boats loading incorrectly when putting a fence, rotating the boat at sure angles, after which saving the sport.
  • Fixed bug the place monkey island sounds could possibly be heard on the middle of the world.
  • Fixed Sewing Machine going invisible when being hammered.
  • Fixed a problem with participant animations not exhibiting all the swipe results when interacting with objects.
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s sanity with close by monster gamers and now adheres to PvP correctly.
  • Fixed bug the place purchasers might falsely seem to have the ability to craft Living Log components even when not taking part in as Wormwood.
  • Fixed numerous skins associated bugs.

New Skins!

Wickerbottom Deluxe Wardrobe ($10.99usd).
This Deluxe Wardrobe comprises Wickerbottom’s full set of Guest of Honor, Roseate, Survivor, Triumphant, and Nom de Plume pores and skin objects.

Library Chest ($3.99usd)
This Library Chest comprises the next pores and skin objects: Mind’s Eye Life Amulet, Walnut Bookstack, and Library Placard.

New Twitch Drops!


We’re providing a brand new set of streaming drops over on Twitch.television. Check out this publish for particulars.

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