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Beluga whale lost in River Seine, France dangerously thin and refusing food | World News

A dangerously thin beluga whale discovered in the River Seine is refusing food amid fears it may starve to loss of life.

The beluga was noticed in the French waterway on Wednesday after straying 1000’s of miles away from its house in the Arctic.

A drone was used to observe the whale because it swam via a stretch of the river between Paris and the town of Rouen in Normandy.

But the animal is alleged to have “barely moved” on Thursday and on Friday seemed to be wandering a 25-mile stretch between two units of locks northwest of the capital.

The beluga snubbed a catch of herring supplied by conservation group Sea Shepherd France on Friday – prompting considerations it’s slowly ravenous to loss of life.

They tweeted: “For the moment, the beluga is not interested in the fish offered to it. We remain hopeful that he agrees to feed.”

In the early hours of Saturday morning an replace stated: “Our groups took turns with the beluga all night time lengthy. He at all times ignores the fish supplied to him.

The whale pictured during rescue attempts in the l'Eure region of France Pic: Twitter / Préfet de l'Eure
Pic: Twitter / Préfet de l’Eure
An aerial image showing the beluga whale in the Seine river in Saint-Pierre-la-Garenne region, west of Paris on Friday Pic: Sea Shepherd / AP
Pic: Sea Shepherd / AP

“We will take stock of the situation with the state services during the day.”

An earlier tweet stated: “Beluga in the Seine: we are with him currently, the animal is extremely thin. The absolute urgency is to try to feed it, which we are going to do today. The success of the operation will depend on his reaction.”

The animal has not responded to makes an attempt to information it again to safer waters and has displayed a “fleeing behaviour vis-a-vis the boats,” officers stated.

Volunteers attempting to assist are being as unobtrusive as potential in a bid to “avoid stress that could aggravate its state of health”, an announcement stated.

The beluga swam away from boats attempting to information it in direction of the river mouth, between the ocean ports of Le Havre and Honfleur on Friday.

The French fire brigade on rubber boats tracking the beluga whale Pic: AP
The French hearth brigade on rubber boats monitoring the beluga whale. Pic: AP

Removing it from the water may put it in danger, stated the president of Sea Shepherd France, Lamya Essemlali.

But the whale is “condemned to die if it stays in the Seine”, Ms Essemlali warned on Friday.

Beluga whales are recognisable for his or her pale pores and skin and bulbous foreheads.

They are sociable animals which habitually dwell, hunt and migrate collectively in pods.