AOC president Ian Chesterman says transgender athlete policies are up to individual sports

AOC president Ian Chesterman says transgender athlete policies are up to individual sports

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) says it’s going to depart policies round transgender athletes up to individual sports, according to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) pointers.

Transgender girls’s futures in elite sports has as soon as once more made headlines after FINA, swimming’s world governing physique, earlier this week voted to successfully ban transgender swimmers from elite girls’s competitions.

Swimming is the primary Olympic sport to undertake such an edict and it has sparked a sequence response elsewhere.

International Rugby League has excluded transgender athletes from sanctioned worldwide matches, together with this yr’s Rugby League Women’s World Cup in England.

FIFA, World Athletics and the World Netball Federation are all reviewing their respective policies.

The IOC final yr revised its pointers on inclusion, with a brand new framework advising that athletes shouldn’t be excluded from competitors on the grounds of “perceived” unfair benefit, however has in the end left it up to sports federations to determine the foundations.

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