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An Energy Strategy to Defeat Russia?

Chris, Melanie, and Zack contemplate the financial measures taken by the United States and Europe to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, particularly these pertaining to oil and pure gasoline. To what extent are these insurance policies accountable for rising gasoline costs? Can different measures be taken to change Russian oil on the worldwide market? Or ought to Western governments additionally make use of demand restrictions, together with presumably obligatory measures to discourage or forestall vitality utilization? And what political value ought to democratically elected governments be keen to pay so as to affirm the ethical and strategic crucial of defeating Russia’s aggression in opposition to Ukraine? Grievances for Columbia’s Jeffrey Sachs who claimed that COVID originated in a U.S. lab, for super-virtuous individuals who take to Twitter on the Fourth of July to discuss how horrible the United States is, and towards self-absorbed TikTokers referred to as “Gentleminions.” Attapeople to FIRE (the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression) and to the Quincy Institute for a sensible report on defending Asia, and an atta-thing for all of the ways in which computer systems make our lives higher (till they kill us).

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Image: Ninara, Creative Commons