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The remaining chapter of Netflix’s fantasy sequence Locke and Key is sort of right here, closing the door on the destiny of Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira), the Locke household, and the thrilling new Big Bad, the demon-possessed Captain Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand). Season 2 raised the stakes for the Locke kids as Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) confronted off in opposition to Gabe (Griffin Gluck) (a.okay.a. Dodge) and his rising military of formidable demons.

While we await the mysteries lurking behind the doorways of Season 3, let’s take a fast look again at the main stuff you want to bear in mind from final season, beginning with our favourite demonic duo.


Gabe/Dodge and Eden Succeed in Creating a New Key

Poor Kinsey. High faculty boys are already disappointing sufficient as is, however not figuring out your highschool boyfriend can also be a demon simply places the cherry on prime of a supremely lackluster sundae.

At the finish of Season 1, it was revealed that the “Dodge” that the Locke kids pushed via the Black Door was not in truth the actual Dodge, however Ellie Whedon (Sherri Saum). Dodge had used the Identity Key on Ellie, turning her right into a spitting picture of her demon type. The actual Dodge took the type of Gabe, who in a twist of occasions, turned out to have been Dodge all alongside. That signifies that for a great chunk of Season 2, Kinsey is strolling round unknowingly relationship a demon — that’s, till she takes a discomforting stroll via Eden’s head utilizing the Head Key.

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Gabe/Dodge recruited Eden (Hallea Jones), who at the finish of Season 1 was hit with a bullet of Whispering Iron, permitting a demon to take possession of her physique. Together, Gabe/Dodge and Eden are on a mission to create a brand new key. They reach creating the Demon Key, forcing Uncle Dunc (who now remembers magic and is aware of how to make keys, however extra on that subsequent) to make it for them. The Demon Key features precisely because it sounds : it might probably flip anybody right into a demon. Gabe/Dodge makes use of the key to forge a small, however highly effective demon military.

Uncle Dunc Got His Memories Back

In Season 2, it’s revealed that the purpose Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) cannot bear in mind magic is as a result of as youngsters, the Keepers had been compelled to take away Duncan’s recollections after he witnessed Rendell (Bill Heck) brutally bludgeon Lucas (Felix Mallard) to demise. Unbeknownst to Duncan at the time, Lucas was now not in truth Lucas, however Dodge, who was in a position to possess Lucas’s physique after the Keepers by chance set her free from the different facet of the Black Door. The Keepers eliminated Duncan’s recollections of that fateful night time, together with all his recollections of magic, utilizing the Head Key. They saved his recollections inside jars and hid them in the roots of a tree close to the cemetery utilizing the Plant Key. Before eradicating his recollections, nonetheless, the Keepers had Duncan make a brand new key, the Memory Key, which allowed the Keepers to bear in mind magic previous their 18th birthday.

Jumping ahead to the current, Duncan struggles with obscure, barely-there recollections of his previous at the Keyhouse, particularly when Erin Voss (Joy Tanner), Rendell’s highschool girlfriend and former Keeper, quickly stays at the Keyhouse. Tyler and Kinsey discover Uncle Dunc’s recollections and put them again inside his head, however it doesn’t go in accordance to plan. Duncan is unable to grasp the existence of magic — even with the recollections — and is continually overcome with painful complications and hallucinations, inflicting him to lash out at the Locke kids and Erin. It is not till Tyler relocates the Memory Key at Matheson Academy and makes use of it on Duncan that Duncan’s recollections are totally restored.

Gabe/Dodge and Eden Killed Erin

In certainly one of the most tragic storylines of Season 2, the Locke kids free Erin, who by chance trapped herself inside her personal head for 23 years, just for Dodge to kill her a number of episodes later. In a flashback to two years following the demise of her mates, we see a younger Erin sitting catatonic, having simply used the Head Key. A housekeeper finds her and panics when she is unable to wake her from her trance. While she is making an attempt to shake her awake, she by chance dislodges the Head Key from Erin, leaving Erin trapped inside her personal thoughts.

In Season 2, Tyler and Kinsey go inside Erin’s head in the hopes of discovering out how the Keepers had been in a position to preserve their recollections of magic previous their eighteenth birthdays. While inside her head, they discuss to Erin’s consciousness (in the type of a younger Erin, performed by Nicole James), who is not conscious that 23 years have handed. Tyler and Kinsey lead her out of her personal head and into the actual world, the place she is shocked to discover her present physique in a hospital. Erin removes the Head Key from her head and awakens in her present physique, now totally recovered.

When Kinsey makes the horrifying discovery that Gabe is definitely Dodge, Erin secretly comes up with a solo mission to eliminate Dodge for good. She takes the Chain Key and confronts Gabe/Dodge in the Winterfest maze. She has Gabe/Dodge trapped in the chains till Eden intervenes, releasing up Gabe/Dodge to strangle Erin. Gabe/Dodge strangles her so arduous that her neck snaps, and he then makes use of the Plant Key to make the vines devour Erin’s physique in order that it might probably’t be discovered. Duncan and the Lockes discover her earlier than her physique is totally swallowed by the vines, however by then it’s far too late.

The Alpha Key Fails to Save Jackie

Throughout Season 2, Tyler struggles to come to phrases with the actuality that his girlfriend Jackie (Genevieve Kang) is steadily beginning to lose her recollections of magic as her 18th birthday quickly approaches. Unfortunately, Jackie suffers a fair worse destiny than Tyler had ever imagined. Tyler makes the devastating discovery that Jackie has been turned by Gabe/Dodge’s Demon Key. He scrambles to discover a method to save her, utilizing a secret little bit of Whispering Iron left behind by Rendell to create a brand new key, the Alpha Key. He fills it with the intent to take away the demon facet of Jackie, and for a number of temporary moments it seems to work. Then, devastatingly, Tyler watches as Jackie’s eyes begin to bleed black liquid. She dies in his arms, the Alpha Key killing not solely the demon inside her, however Jackie herself. At the finish of the season, Tyler tells his siblings that he does not need to bear in mind magic anymore as a result of it’s too painful.

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Dodge is Gone… But Not For Long

If there may be one factor you possibly can rely on in Locke and Key, it is that the Locke kids certain understand how to underestimate Dodge. In the Season 2 finale, “Cliffhanger,” Kinsey, Tyler, Duncan, and Scot (Petrice Jones) execute their plan to eradicate Gabe/Dodge as soon as and for all. Tyler, Duncan, and Scot sneak into the cliffside villa that’s Gabe’s demon headquarters to try to steal the Demon Key whereas Kinsey distracts Gabe/Dodge utilizing the Angel Key, which Kinsey finds in the birdhouse with the assist of ghost Sam Lesser (Thomas Mitchell Barnet). The Angel Key varieties a harness round the person’s waist and grants them giant, white wings that permit them to fly. Kinsey is in a position to momentarily distract Gabe/Dodge, however not for lengthy: Gabe/Dodge and the demon military are too robust. Dodge (who makes use of the Identity Key to change again to her “original” type in the midst of the combat) begins to strangle Kinsey utilizing the Chain Key and instructions the military to get Duncan, Tyler, and Scot who’re mere moments from snatching the Demon Key.

But fortunately for the Locke household, magic is on their facet but once more. Uncle Dunc and the Locke siblings are shocked to uncover that Duncan can management the demons as a result of as the creator of the Demon Key, his blood is related to the key. He instructions the horde of demons to go after Dodge, permitting him to seize the Demon Key from the vault. Tyler then jams the Alpha Key into the again of Dodge, killing the demon and forsaking Lucas, Rendell’s childhood buddy who was possessed by Dodge once they had been youngsters.

But is Dodge gone for good? Based on the trailers Netflix launched for Season 3, it actually doesn’t appear like the Lockes have seen the final of Dodge.

Bode Introduces Nina to Magic

Nina Locke (Darby Stanchfield) went on a tough emotional journey final season as the solely Locke member of the family to not find out about magic. She briefly began relationship Josh Bennett (Brendan Hines), Matheson Academy’s new historical past trainer who moved to Matheson after the demise of his spouse and daughter’s mom final yr. The two put their blossoming relationship on pause after Josh turns into obsessive about uncovering the thriller of his ancestor’s destiny (the ancestor in query being Captain Frederick Gideon, the sequence’ new antagonist). Nina can even inform that her kids and her brother-in-law are preserving issues from her, which leaves her feeling painfully remoted. At the finish of Season 2, Bode exhibits Nina magic utilizing the Head Key, permitting her to revisit outdated recollections of her and Rendell. He tells her that he’s not going to let her neglect, suggesting that he’s going to use the Memory Key on her subsequent season.

Ellie Reunites with Rufus

In Season 2, the Omega Door is briefly opened as soon as extra after Eden, who has been betrayed by Gabe/Dodge, takes Josh to the caves in hopes of making her personal demon military. This permits Ellie to exit the portal and escape again to the actual world. She remains to be trapped in Dodge’s physique, however the Locke children use the Identity Key to restore her to her actual physique, and he or she and Rufus share a tearful reunion.

The Big Bad: Captain Frederick Gideon and the Origin of the Keys

And that brings us to Captain Frederick Gideon, Locke and Key‘s latest and largest villain. At the finish of Season 2, Eden makes use of the Echo Key to launch Gideon with the intention of utilizing him to assist her open the Black Door. But alas, he promptly drops her into the properly and takes the Anywhere Key.

So, who precisely is that this man?

We be taught in a flashback to 1775 that Captain Gideon was a former captain of the British troopers in colonial Massachusetts. Greatly feared due to his fame of terrorizing the North Shore and killing suspected rebels, Captain Gideon storms the Keyhouse one night time along with his males, having heard rumors that Peter Locke (Joseph Kathrein) has been creating weapons for American troopers. Just as he’s about to burn members of the Locke household alive, Peter’s son Benjamin (Carson MacCormac) saves them. However, Gideon nonetheless manages to fatally stab Peter and retreat to a really acquainted close by sea cave to escape Benjamin’s revenge. Inside, Gideon by chance prompts the Black Door portal, inflicting a Whispering Iron bullet to pierce certainly one of his males and permit a demon to take possession of his physique. Seeing his soldier’s newfound power and sturdiness, Gideon permits himself to be hit by an incoming bullet and likewise get possessed. The demon stays accountable for Gideon’s physique up till his execution.

When Eden makes use of the Echo key to unleash Gideon, it is clear that it’s nonetheless a demon utilizing Gideon’s physique as the host. Furthermore, it seems that this demon is somebody essential of their world as a result of Eden acknowledges him and tells him, “I thought I was just conjuring some old, evil soldier dude. Didn’t know you possessed him. That is so much better. … You are who you are in our world. But here’s different.”

The remaining season of Locke & Key premieres on Netflix on August 10.

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